Our Approach

Each of our residents has their own named nurse as well as a nominated key worker and Co Key worker. The Manager Charlotte Laird leads a team of dedicated experienced nurses and care assistants.  The designated named nurse looks after all the health needs of the resident. Designated Key workers and Co Keyworkers will work closely with the resident and their family, allowing them to choose all aspects of their care, whilst assisting them with informed decisions. It is our staff who care for the daily needs of our residents so the Key Worker and Co Keyworker  is chosen based on their experience and empathy with the resident for a happy, fulfilling and continuous relationship. All our staff participate in training both when joining our close knit team and on an ongoing basis. As we are a medium sized care home, we can more easily develop our staff training, personalizing it to the designated Key Worker and Co Keyworker and the residents needs, enabling them to carry out their job role to a high standard. We are committed to providing the highest standards of care and service and this can only be achieved through the skill and determination of all our staff. At Ainslie Manor we put our residents first and by operating regular, comprehensive internal and external audits we monitor all aspects of residents care, with the audits and day to day documentation freely available to the residents and their families.